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Sake No Uchi kennel is situated in Hungary, near to Szekesfehervar which is a town 60 km southwest from the capital of Hungary, Budapest. My first meeting with Akita was in 1995 in an exhibition. At the end of the exhibition we recognised a white dog puppy. I fell in love with it immediately. He tought me how to look after an Akita. Unfortunately we couldn't keep him for long time. For a while I didn't have any dogs, but I always wanted tho have an Akita. After this pause we got a red-white bitch, Mioko. Shortly it was followed an other red-white bitch, Sato. We started to attend exhibitions and became more and more familiar with Akitas. On an exhibition my son asked me to buy a brindle dog Akita, Kenichi. He became our third Akita. From that time we started to breed Akitas, and our Akitas started to win awards. Kenichi and Sato became the dog of the year 2004, 2005. I feel lucky to do what I love, and my husband supports me in this activity. My aim is to breed the best and most beautiful Akitas.
  Maria Horvath
Silver-Ribbon Master Breeder

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